Sunday, June 16, 2013

40th Birthday Tea for LP

My bestie planned an afternoon tea for herself in honor of her birthday back in January. I snuck in a little early and did it up right with party hat menus and flowers in her favorite colors. And, of course, plenty of cute and embarrassing photos, courtesy of her mom and my old snapfish account. They showed off her perm and puka shell necklace, cheerleading days, and mall portraits of years gone by. But this one was my favorite:

These menus were a m*&%#$)! @%*' labor of love. They started out as party hats and several late nights and tearful fits later, I ended up with these square cards.

For her gift, my friend and I pitched to give her a few things to help in her persuit of her favorite things:

Also, because I'm insane. I whipped some personalized stationery for her 10 minutes AFTER I was supposed to be getting in the shower. (I am probably being dramatic on that.)

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