Thursday, July 12, 2012

{Gifts, Paper} Gocco Note Cards

I've been dying to get my hands dirty on something other than a mouse, so I busted out the 'ole gocco printer to whip up a fast, personalized present for a friend's birthday party. I had a more elaborate design planned, but the screen didn't burn correctly. I couldn't bare to waste precious gocco supplies like that, so I cropped out the design for a minimalist set of personalized stationary.

I paired the cards with envelopes in an array of preppy colors.

I also included a white gel pen for writing on the dark envelopes and these cute postage stamps that will look great with all of the envelope colors.

In case you're curious, this was my failed design. Andy said he liked the final result better than the intended design.

I considered playing aroud with some washi tape, but decided to quit while I was somewhat ahead.

Not working with the gocco for a few years seems to have voided my memory of what a pain in the ass it can be. I thought this would take me 30 minutes or, you know, an hour and a half. GOCCO! Click here if you'd like to see my Gocco of Years Past.


MB said...

Where do you order your Gocco supplies? I had a hard time finding bulbs that weren't incredibly expensive... I tried switching to the paper that burns with UV light - but it's really worse than trying to get a Gocco screen to burn!

Andy After Flats said...

these are really nice

Andy After Flats said...

Also...Where did you order your Goccos stuff?

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