Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bridal Party Gift Ideas: Art

Maria of The Pied-A-Terre, who is getting married in October (yeah!), recently commented that she is looking for bridesmaid gift ideas. Like many people, I l-o-v-e giving gifts. Reigning myself in on hostess and bridal party gifts was actually one of the tough parts of my wedding planning. (And I didn't do a very good job at it. )

Giving art as a gift may be risky, but I adore the idea. If you know the recipient well enough to buy what they'd like (not what you'd like), I think it could be a pleasant surprise. (And much better than a candle. I believe that candles should never be given for anything other than a polite hostess gift. Anything scented is off-limits to me -- too personal.) If you buy something reasonably priced, they can enjoy it during its shelf-life and won't feel obligated to keep it for the rest of their lives. Here are few random pieces found in my Google Reader and bookmarks:

  • I can't imagine a gift from MadeByGirl EVER bombing:
{Source: MadeByGirl}

  • I went through a huge folk art phase in my late 20s. During that time, I bought several pieces from Canadian artist, Helene Lacelle - Neon Matisse. Her pieces are odd and bright and whimsical. And she is COOL! I still have the cards that she sent me from Christmases past.


  • Next time you have about four hours to kill, type "letterpress art" into etsy. Oh my. There's just so much!

{Source: luludee}

{Source: cindytomczykart}

  • Hometown Shout-Outs: I love ANYTHING that gives mad props to a hometown with something other than a black and white skyline photo. That being said, I have been debating whether I can buy this poster for ages now given that Manhattan is not my hometown. I know exactly where I'd hang it.


{Source: Louella Press}

{Source: Michele Maule}
{Source: Ork Posters!}
  • Don't forget to celebrate their iconic celebrity crushes! I'd get this for my friend that LOVES Bruce:
{Source: SchroederJim}


  • I can spend a whole year documenting my favorite pieces from the 20X200 site.
Would you ever give art as a gift?


Maggie said...

I think gifting art is a fantastic idea - assuming you're close enough to the giftees to understand their taste - and place-based art is also a favorite of mine! Your examples here are great.

Chaotic Bliss said...

I love the idea of giving art as a bridal party gift! But you must be mindful about the personalities of your bridal party, unfortunately everyone doesn't appreciate good art! Great Post!

Smarry said...

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