Monday, September 10, 2012

France 2011: ORD > CDG > BVE

Last Labor Day week, we took a jet plane to Paris for 10 days of adventures and memory-making. I've been playing, "This time last year, we were..." in my head all week.

Because I always love reading people's travel posts, I thought that I'd share some recaps from our trip - even though they're a year overdo. (You can see our album in its entirety here if you're interested.)

We left Chicago on Monday evening and arrived in Paris on Tuesday morning, then hopped in a cab to Gare d'Austerlitz. Actually, I mispronounced Gare d'Austerlitz, so we first went to Gare de l'est and then went to d'Austerlitz 65 EU later.

We had a 4.50 hour wait for train to Brive, so I busied myself by pacing and taking photos while Andy watched the bags and wondered how I talked him into waiting over four hours to take a three hour train ride after an eight and a half hour flight.

My first meal in Paris was sour Eiffel Tower gummies. 

We took a train to Brive and drove to our inn in Vezac. Every turn was straight out of House Hunters International. It was awesome.

I had printed Google maps for all of our drives, but managed to get lost the moment that we turned out of the train station and had to bust out my phone. The drive should have taken about an hour and a half, but I kept getting distracted by the scenery and landing us "off of the purple line."

Best.Sign.Ever. Eighteen hours later, we arrived in the Dordogne!

We checked into our room and ran down the road to search for some food. We found one place willing to serve us. I couldn't read the menu and ordered the only word that I could recognize -- "jambon." When our meal arrived, Andy asked what I got and I replied, "I don't know." But, given that Eiffel Tower gummies were my only meal since the a.m., I didn't care. And it was delicious. Andy took a bite at the end and said, "Oh, it's duck." F. Me. Apparently I eat duck.

Exhausted Andy at dinner.

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Stephanie E. said...

I loved this: "Every turn was straight out of House Hunters International. It was awesome."