Thursday, December 15, 2011

2011 Holiday Cards

I hemmed and hawed over this year's holiday card selection. I really wanted to make my own cards, but couldn't think of anything nicer and wittier than what I was finding in stores. (And, really, who has that kind of time?) As a paper snob, I tend to like the most expensive cards in pretty much every store, which is tough when you send out over 100 cards. With my hectic November and December travel schedule and our party hosting schedule, I decided to cut my losses and purchase this year's greetings. I'm pretty sure everyone on my list will have received them by now, so here are our 2011 holiday cards:
{Ugly Sweaters Cards from Paper Source}

{Cavallini Eiffel Tower Joyeux Noel Holiday Cards from Paper Source}
The paper on the Eiffel Tower cards was luxurious. It was a pure joy writing them out. My LePens flowed effortlessly on their gorgeous stock.

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Linda said...

I love the first one. So cute!