Thursday, May 26, 2011

{Catching Up} Nursing Cap Place Cards

Back in December, Andy and I ended up hosting an impromptu cake-and-coffee party at our house in honor of my sister’s graduation from nursing school. And by impromptu, I mean, I was texting him from the graduation ceremony on noon Saturday to start cleaning the house and get dinner reservations for Sunday.

Since I was off the hook for cooking, I whipped up some quick place cards that looked like nursing caps for the restaurant.

I googled “origami nursing caps” and kind of crammed (not kidding) these together based on multiple sets of directions. I ran the ribbon and printed text through my miniature xyron to make stickers for the decorations.

The place cards and this wannabe floral arrangement greeted everyone at the restaurant.

I also hung a “congratulations, nurse bay-e banner!” in our “dining room.”

I cannot tell you how much my surplus ‘Source stash saved my a*s in the month of December. That banner and the circle labels were both in my stash. I never would have had time to make decorations.

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