Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm About To Call "Curtains" On Decorating

I have been searching hell and highwater for fabric to make curtains for my second bedroom/office/catch-all., and, quite frankly, I'm losing steam. Among the many reasons are:
  1. For being a big city, Chicago has CRAP for fabric resources. I don't have the patience to sift through the rooms of Vogue fabrics, Joann and Michael's offer desirable hours, but mediocre products, and the few places that offer fun fabrics are OVERPRICED.
  2. I am tired of spending hours searching online for the most affordable prices on the fabrics that I do like.
  3. Navigation and Usability stinks on 99 percent of fabric web sites.
  4. I don't want to commit to buying pre-cut, unreturnable fabrics sight unseen.
  5. I am so busy for the next three months. Possibly more busy than the year that I was engaged.
So, after running some numbers on my front runners, I've realized that I can actually save money by just buying some curtains. Like these cheap-cheap-cheap curtains from Urban Outfitters--Only $38 and Free Returns? Sign. Me. Up.

I kind of like this plain gray one from West Elm, too. It would match the desk accessories that I bought from the Container Store.


Linda said...

Love the first ones from Urban Outfitters!

devon.larkin said...

despite your frustrations, those are pretty cute UO curtains!