Thursday, April 17, 2008


I am guessing that Miss Cream Puff's DIY napkin post has inspired many brides to make some customized napkins on the cheap. I know that I'm giving it a go.

I did a quick Google search for wholesale napkins tonight and so far,, seems have the greatest color variety and the best prices:

  • 360 ct. beverage napkins: $12.60

  • 600 ct. beverage napkins: $12.96 (for 36 cents more, just buy bulk and save yourself post-wedding trips to Ikea for cute napkins)

  • 250 ct. 3-ply beverage napkins: $17.40

  • 192 ct. guest towels: $12.92

It looks like their prices and style availability vary by color, but still, how awesome is that? My forecasted order for For Your Party is like two hundo. I could double-up my napkin plans and still save over a hundred bucks. :) I have to say, I am pretty surprised that the ink doesn't smear. I've always wondered that when reading Martha Stewart's suggestion to rubber stamp napkins.

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~M said...

Hi Tina!
Do you know of any companies, online or b&m, that print your own monogram on napkins? We have Hebrew monogram that we designed I would love to see reappear on the napkins.