Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Smells Like School Spirit

Andy and I hosted my college friends for dinner on Saturday. I reused the table runner that I made in 2010, pairing it with gold, black, and white napkins and some pennant place cards that I whipped up – in true Tina fashion – an hour before everyone arrived.

I’ve had the sewing bug, so I bought more Purdue-themed fabric to make napkins, but chose sleep over crafting.

White flowers would have looked great, but I couldn’t pass up these brilliant yellow tulips. It was such a gray, slushy day when I bought them, so they stopped me dead in my tracks…spring was taunting me! I told my friends to pretend that they were "Old Gold" tulips, not University of Iowa tulips.

I also put some bud vases in beer cozies and used them as accents throughout the house.

I am ashamed to say that I actually thought of this myself and ordered the cozies online. That’s right. You get pure ass and class with me.

We have another dinner party with friends this weekend. I cannot wait! Andy is making braised short ribs for the first time. I'm so happy that I married someone who can get it together enough to cook.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Gnocchi Night Place Cards

We celebrated the annual Gnocchi Night last month in honor of Andy and his sister's birthdays. I whipped up these Italian-inspired place cards with my Silhouette SD.

Andy and his sister's cards donned gold chef since they were the guests of honor.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Quick Valentine's for My Lady Loves

I was itchin' for a paper detox last week, so I whipped some Valentine's Gifts for my girlfriends. I filled monogrammed mugs with heart-shaped candy and added some "love notes" to them.

I added some tags with hand-cut hearts.

Then I wrapped them all in cellophane Easter basket bags from the dollar store that I cut in half.

As can see, I still don't have my good camera. :( 

Monday, February 13, 2012

{366} Week 6

{Day 36} 02.05.2012
Relaxing before bed after another long weekend of cleaning, organizing, and overeatting.

{Day 37} 02.06.2012
Post Happy Hour Browsing at P.O.S.H.

{Day 38} 02.06.2012
After Happy Hour, I went home on {Day 37} and pulled an almost all-nighter for work. I was exhausted on {Day 38} and didn't take any other photos other than this one of a stranger on the L to send to my hairdresser. (For the red color, not the roots.)

{Day 39} 02.08.2012
Another late night in the office. :( (i.e., that clock's not reading 10:11 a.m.)

{Day 40} 02.09.2012
The late night view from my office.

DAY 41: 02.010.2012

{Day 42} 02.11.2012
Valentine's for my Gal Pals

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Andy's 40! Photo Place Mats and Cake Topper

Andy turned 40 last week. His parents and Aunt Ruth came into the city for a surprise birthday dinner at Chicago Q restaurant. I used an old photo to make some cute, simple table decorations to set the mood.

Andy's mom gave me this photo of a 4-ish year-old Andy last spring. I always knew that I'd use it for his 40th birthday. Once we decided to go for BBQ, I figured that place mats would be perfect. I scanned the photo and laid the pattern out in Illustrator. I had them printed on 11"x17" paper at Kinko's. I really wanted them to say "Happy 40th Birthday," so I didn't laminate or decoupage them for durability. (I think that it would so fun to make these for a kid's birthday and add a new one into rotation every year.)

I printed the "Happy 40th Birthday" pattern onto card stock for "napkin rings." The 40s were cut by my Silhouette SD.

I made a party hat cake topper by taping some toothpicks on the bottom to secure it in place.

It might have been a *smidge* emasculating, but I thought it was the cutest.

I told the bakery (Andy's fave frosting in the city, Sensational Bites) to decorate the cake in 70s red, orange, and brown colors.

As I mentioned in my 366, Week 5 post that I had planned to usher Andy into year 40 with balloons and then slept through the alarm. Well, all was not lost. They greeted him when we came home from dinner.

Unfortunately, I left my camera at Aunt Ruth's house the weekend before and she forgot to bring it to dinner. It breaks my heart, but these were the best photos that I could manage with my point-and-shoot. :(

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

366: Week 5

DAY 29: 01.29.2012
My boyfriend's really taking it on the chin today. Two busted keys in one day.

DAY 30: 01.30.2012
Andy's A.M. Birthday Surprise is all ready to go in the craft room. (I slept through his alarm and didn't get to spread the balloons around the apartment. I woke up in a mad panic at 6:20 and dragged him in there to admire them while I danced around with my bed head sticking up in a million directions and my eyes still heavy with sleep. He got some mileage out of the story at work.)

DAY 31: 01.31.2012
That cake is sparing no feelings. Look at those flames!

DAY 32: 02.01.2012
I need serious help. Someone needs to wire my jaw shut.

DAY 33: 02.02.2012
Cooking dinner at 8:44 p.m. after a long day at work is one of my least favorite parts of marriage. Back in the day, it would have been takeout or nothing at that hour.

DAY 34: 02.03.2012
I am required to complete very long training curricula at work every few years. Keeping up is killing me (and all of my peers). I made a post-it note "Countdown" to excitedly tear through as I complete my classes.

DAY 35: 02.04.2012
Happy Birthday,  Andy...for the fourth time. Andy's fourth birthday party with friends at Chicago Cut Steakhouse. (Mmmmm. A family favorite.)

Monday, February 6, 2012

366: Week 4

DAY 22: 01.22.2012
Rehydrating after the Sparkle Brunch and reliving France.

DAY 23: 01.23.2012
Working on birthday cake secrets in the wee hours of the night.

DAY 24: 01.24.2012
I had bought dinner for a homeless woman the previous week. I didn't know why the bill was $18.76...until I found the receipt while cleaning out my wallet and noticed that she bought four oatmeal cookies! (I'm not mad about the price. This made me laugh.)

DAY 25: 01.25.2012
I was probably a bit more excited than socially acceptable over this purchase.
That glue stick pen is now my favorite craft tool.

 DAY 26: 01.26.2012
It's such a gray, crappy day that Sears Tower is hiding out in the cloud cover.

DAY 27: 01.27.2012
Glittered chef hats is a first even for me.

DAY 28: 01.27.2012
Happy 40th Birtday, Andy! Mother C was drunk when she opened the candles
and lost the "H." I was also drunk and, therefore, no help in finding it.